ASVAC 2017
Pre-Conference Vaccinology Masterclass
12:00-1:25pm Lunch is served

All participants
(pre-registration for lunch required)

1:25-1:30pm Welcome and Introduction

Daniel Goh

01:30-02:40pm Basic vaccine immunology – immune responses, adjuvants, immunology of cross-protection
  • Basics of immune responses and how vaccines work
  • Adjuvants: how do they work?
  • Combination vaccines
  • Post-license clinical trial and pharmacovigilance
  • Basics of health economics in public health policies
  • Fundamentals of vaccine clinical trials – Safety, efficacy and effectiveness
  • Importance of disease surveillance in developing impactful vaccination strategies
John S. Tam
Michael NissenSanjoy DattaSharon Zang

Philippe Buchy

02:40-03:10pm Impact of vaccination on Disease Epidemiology
  • History of vaccines
  • Impact of vaccines in medical history
  • Ethics of vaccination
  • Vaccines – it’s role in today’s medical practice
Naveen Thacker

Pramod Jog

03:10-03:40pm Vaccine hesitancy-Dealing with Anti-Vaccine lobby and risk communication
  • Debunking the myths:
    • Too many vaccines harms the immune system
    • Natural infections are important for the body
    • Safety concerns of vaccines
    • Addressing the MMR and Autism fiasco
    • Role of the media
Zulkifli Ismail
Daniel Goh
03:40pm-04:00pm Tea break

All participants

04:00-05:00pm Vaccines through the ages
  • Vaccinations in infants
  • Vaccination in pregnancy
  • Vaccination in aging population
Lee Bee Wah
Sally Gatchalian
Leong Hoe Nam
05:00-05:45pm Focus on specific vaccines
  • Vaccination against Rotavirus
  • Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV)
  • Influenza virus vaccine
Tony Nelson
Ping-ing Lee
John S. Tam
05:45-06:05pm Practical aspects of vaccines – Clinical Cases and Quiz
  • Clinical cases & Quiz


Chan Si Min & Mas Suhaila
06:05-06:15pm Vaccines: The future
  • Prospects and challenges for new vaccines: Dengue, Zika, RSV, CMV, etc.
  • New developments in vaccine technology: the vaccines of the future
  • Advances in immunization technology: novel strategies for delivering vaccines
Jerome Kim
Closing Remarks    Daniel Goh
6:30pm onwards  

Dinner served

All participants
(pre-registration for dinner required)

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